VOS: From College Chaos to Calm: Trough Challenges to Wellbeing with Lexi

From College Chaos to Calm: Trough Challenges to Wellbeing with Lexi

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October 2023

From College Chaos to Calm: Trough Challenges to Wellbeing with Lexi

The post-college journey can be a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges. Follow Lexi as she navigates this transitional life stage, from feeling lost after graduation to eventually finding tranquility and wellbeing.

Do you take care of your mind as much as your body?

Yes! Taking care of my mind is a priority for me. There are some weeks when I think I take care of my mind more than the rest of my body, especially when I’m feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I think making sure your mind feels right sets you up for success in everything else.

Remember a challenging period regarding mental health?

Life right after graduating college was a challenging mental health time for me. My lifestyle and routine of 4 years was flipped upside down. The people I was used to spending every day with were now in other cities. I was struggling to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life because the plan I had thought I wanted all throughout college ended up not being what I had hoped. I was re-learning who I was. My first year out of college I spent a lot of time by myself reassigning what and who made me happy. In the end, I’m glad I used that challenging period for self-discovery because I definitely understand more about who I am.

How do you calm your mind during stress?

I love to go on a walk outside when I’m feeling stressed. It allows me to take a mini break from what is stressing me out and get some fresh air. I also find disconnecting from screens helps me too, and allows me to tune out distractions and focus on what my brain and body need.

Favorite feature in the VOS app?

My favorite feature in the app has been the guided journal prompts. I love that it gives me a reason to slow down and reflect on how I’m feeling and my thoughts.

Advice to your younger self?

Advice to my younger self would be to slow down and not be in a rush. I would also tell her to go outside her comfort zone and try new activities she normally would be too anxious to try.

Someone who positively impacted your mental health?

Am I allowed to say myself? I feel like I’ve been on a journey of learning how to care for myself and learning about myself.

BONUS: A reflective question for readers regarding mental health?

Think about day of the week or maybe it’s a time of the day that makes you feel negatively. For me it’s Tuesdays. What are ways you can treat yourself to a little self-care during this time? They can be as big as going to an exciting event or maybe as small as grabbing take-out from your favorite restaurant.

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