VOS: Get a Good-Night Sleep With VOS

Get a Good-Night Sleep With VOS

Physical wellbeing

May 2023

Get a Good-Night Sleep With VOS

Good sleep is essential for recharging your body's batteries and resetting your mind. Yet many people struggle with refilling their energy tanks during the night. Are you one of them? VOS is here to show you the way to a good night's sleep!

Maybe it takes you an hour to fall asleep, you're endlessly snoozing your alarm clock, or you wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep again. If your rest routine deserves improvement, you've come to the right place. VOS will teach you how to get your mind and body ready for bed to wake up well-rested. Before you start reading any further, here's one intro tip – if you're reading this in the evening, turn on a blue light blocker (and do so from now on every evening). Your sleep hormone levels will thank you. So, what's in VOS for your nighty-night relaxation?

Sweet Dreams Are a Breath Away

Breathing exercises

Mindful breathing is a perfect way to calm your body down. And a relaxed body is more ready for bed. Especially if you focus on breathing to your belly area around the lower ribs, you'll help your body turn on the recovery mode. Your heart rate will slow down, your blood pressure will lower, and so will the stress hormone cortisol. \n \n Not sure how to relax your breath? Then breathe with VOS. Under "Breathing", you'll find numerous breathing exercises that will guide your inhales and exhales. As a bonus, calming breathing focuses your mind, defending it against stressful thoughts.

Enter the Dreamland with a Relaxed Mind


A relaxed mind is a sleeper's dream. If your mind's often flooded with thoughts around bedtime, you can soothe it with meditations. And there's much more to meditation than just slowing down the train of thoughts in your head. It shows you how to focus on the present moment without judging it, let go of your worries, and deeply relax. A fitting sweet-dream recipe, right? Just open Meditations in the VOS Wellbeing Hub, pick one that fits your mood, and let the voice prepare you to enter the dreamland.

Become a Sleep Pro


There's much more to sleep than many of us know. Maybe you don't get a proper full night’s rest, because you're missing some essential bits of information. You can get them in our science-backed articles that share practical knowledge to boost your wellbeing. Do you want to know how to rearrange the bedroom and what daytime activities let you sleep like an angel? Dive into those two articles we picked for you:

Data-driven Dreamland

Sleep tracking

Biohacking can be a handy assistant for your good sleep. Collecting data about your physical activity and rest is an efficient way of exploring the link between your body and mind. You can integrate VOS with Google Fit or Apple Health and see this connection in more detail. In your well-being Insights, you'll see how your sleep impacts your overall mood.

Sleep Well with VOS

VOS Wellbeing Plan

True change comes from within, and that's exactly what VOS will teach you with your personalized plan. With a wide array of self-care activities, you will gradually learn to be more aware of your life choices and habits. By being more connected to your body and more mindful of your lifestyle, you might see a natural improvement in your sleeping habits. But please have in mind that not sleeping enough or properly in the long term can be harmful for your physical and mental health, so don't hesitate to visit your GP. Good luck on your well-being journey!

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