VOS: How can VOS help you reach your fitness goals

How can VOS help you reach your fitness goals

Physical wellbeing
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May 2023

How can VOS help you reach your fitness goals

A fit body is the number one friend of a healthy mind. With gyms around every other corner and all the fitness influencers, you might feel your body's not fit enough. No worries! VOS will show you a stress-free way to shift your lifestyle and help you reach your fitness goals.

Looking at all the shredded men and women on social media and videos might make you feel ashamed when you look in the mirror. Sure, there's always room for improvement. But getting and staying in shape should lift your spirits, not tear them down. VOS will guide you on your stress-free journey towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. It doesn’t end with being active, though. You'll also learn how to accept and love your body the way it is. This might help you resist the societal pressure to look like a bodybuilder or model. So, what's in VOS for your fitness?

Get Powerful Inspiration

Quotes & Affirmations

Motivation, discipline, consistency. You might miss them sometimes when trying to be more active. All you need is often a gentle push to get you through challenging times and hop back on the fitness track. Quotes and Affirmations will provide you with inspiring ideas to keep the activity flame burning. If some of them truly speak to you, click on the heart button and save it for later.

Breathe the Progress

In Breathing exercises

If you’ve recently run to catch your morning bus or train, you know how essential breathing is to keep you moving. The same goes for almost every activity. Knowing how to breathe and when helps you increase performance and recovery. If you’re not so sure how to time your inhales and exhales, simply breathe with VOS! Pick a performance exercise to boost energy before a workout or a calming one to kick off relaxation. They’re all waiting for your tap in the Wellbeing Hub!

Write Your Progress Down


Are you filled with fitness ideas? So write them down! And do the same with your fitness progress. After a while, you might see that even small steps carried you a long way to the fitter you. Or you can create a vision board to give your fitness plan a more tangible form. Just open the Notepad and give your imagination a go. You’re not limited to writing, you can include images or audio.

Step Out of the Comfort Zone


On your journey to getting more active, you might encounter various obstacles. Some smaller, some bigger. No matter their size, it’s a good idea to be well-prepared for them. Challenging yourself helps build resiliency and self-esteem, both of which will come in handy when you work on getting fit. With VOS, you’ll receive varied challenges to gently move you from your comfort zone and give you a push towards a happier version of yourself.

Track the Mind Workout

Mood tracker

Feeling frustrated probably won’t get you far. But feeling accomplished? That’s a whole other story. It’s a well-known fact physical exercise is a potent mood booster. To confirm how being active makes you feel, you can note your mood down in the Mood Tracker after you’re finished with your exercise. It will let you note your mood but also specify your feelings and what caused them. We bet a nice jog or lifting puts a smile on your cheeks.

Stay Fit in Body & Mind

VOS Wellbeing Plan

True change comes from within, and that's exactly the path you’re going to walk with VOS and your personalized plan. With a wide array of self-care activities, you will gradually learn to be more aware of your life choices and habits. By connecting more to your body and being more mindful about your lifestyle, you might also see natural progress with your fitness goals. Good luck on your well-being journey!

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