VOS: How To Be More Kind: 10 Ways

How To Be More Kind: 10 Ways

Emotional wellbeing

May 2021

How To Be More Kind: 10 Ways

We can all be kinder. Kinder to ourselves, kinder to others - even kinder to the planet. It’s often easy to take things for granted, especially when we’re all moving through life at a lightning-fast pace.

Being kind can provide a welcome break from the aforementioned hectic pace of life. With it, kindness can bring positivity to yourself and others around you too.

So, here’s a few ways to be more kind, show the people around you that you care for them, and potentially receive some positivity in return too.

1. Tell someone when you think positively them

It’s easy to think well wishes, but it takes a little more effort to communicate them. When you appreciate the effort someone has made, or simply think they look nice, tell them! By expressing how you feel, you may also see your relationship grow in a positive way.

2. Consider your language choices

Have you ever analysed how you think or speak? Sometimes, even a small change in the language we use can make us seem kinder and more caring. Rephrase negative thoughts into constructive criticism, highlight areas for progress rather than failure, and re-frame ‘don’ts’ into ‘do’s’. In turn, this can make you seem a lot more approachable, and easy to talk to.

3. Set a good example

Life gives us many chances to do good, so when you take those opportunities, show others why it’s a more beneficial choice. It may make life harder, or be a more difficult path in the short-run, but sharing your morality can encourage others to also do the same. With social media now so easily accessible, you can share these good deeds online without much effort at all!

4. Volunteer yourself

Donating time or money to good causes is one of the kindest acts in this list. Whether you look for charities in your local area, or those that match your values, any help you can provide will be appreciated. Similarly, if you have friends or family that could benefit from your support, see whether you have the capacity to commit to helping them. The simple act of helping someone move house, or driving an elderly relative somewhere, can be incredibly kind.

5. Listen more

One thing we can all do more of is listening. Try pausing before you speak, and choose words with positive intention when you’re called upon to give your opinion.

6. Look after yourself

Similarly, if you have an issue you are dealing with, be kind to yourself. Talk to others, ask for help, and practice checking in with your mental health.

7. Be aware of others around you

One easy way to act more kindly is to take stock of other people, wherever you are. When you’re on public transport, glance up every now and again to check if anyone could benefit from your seat. If you walk into a room where the door was shut, close it behind you. These small acts may not be rewarded but may diffuse any negative thoughts or situations that arise from not acting in a kind way.

8. Lend your belongings

Another way to be kind to others, and be kind to the planet, is to share your belongings. Lending a book can spread knowledge, and sharing your clothes can reduce the demand for new items. Plus with apps like Airbnb, Uber, and Olio, sharing is becoming the new normal.

9. Appreciate how good it feels to be kind

There are many things that we are wired to feel good about. Everything from receiving social recognition to eating a sugary treat can make us feel good. But what about feeling good when we are kind? Learning to enjoy your random acts of kindness can incentivize you to do more of them, and even on an unconscious level.

10. Share the kindness you receive

Finally, be appreciative of the kindness you receive! You can share positive energy further than simply yourself, by taking compliments and kind acts and sharing them with others. Given a tray of leftover food from a meeting at work? Why not share it with friends? Received some positive feedback in an appraisal? Call a member of your family to share the good news. These small acts can brighten others’ days.

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