VOS: IG Event: The Endless Benefits of Being Single

IG Event: The Endless Benefits of Being Single


April 2021

IG Event: The Endless Benefits of Being Single

Being single in the time of pandemic can be difficult, but it also offers a great potential for growth.

When you are rolling solo, sometimes it feels like the world is full of love and everyone is obsessed with the idea of being with someone else.

This Friday we invited mental health professionals in the area of relationships to discuss the benefits of being single and how it will help you to grow as a person.

When? 23rd April, Friday, at 6PM GMT / 8PM CET / 2PM ET

Where? Join our IG Live Stream (@vos.health) with Eliska (@eliska.remesova ) and Marketa (@marketasetinova )

Our invited guests

Marketa Setinova

As a psychotherapist and sociologist, Marketa specializes in working with singles and millennial partnerships. Her individual consultations combine expert counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching. Explore more about Marketa here.

Eliška Remešová

As a psychotherapist and relationship consultant, Eliska's competence is to work with people who want to feel happy in their lives, regardless of the small or large obstacles that stand in their way. Read more about Eliska here.

Tereza Ruzichova

Tereza is a PhD student at the University of Oxford, where she researches depression and its treatment in the context of Covid-19. Tereza will open up the discussion and help to moderate the event.

What to expect? We will discuss why we see an increase in singledom in modern societies and how to make the best of being single from various perspectives.

You will get to ask all the questions from the professionals and learn more about yourself.

Sounds exciting? See you soon!

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