VOS: IG Live: Exploring The Mind-Body Connection

IG Live: Exploring The Mind-Body Connection


November 2021

IG Live: Exploring The Mind-Body Connection

Your mind and body are powerful allies. The way you think can affect the way you feel and the other way around. Emotions like fear, sadness, guilt, anger and depression can manifest within the body and contribute to disease and imbalances.

The brain isn't working solo and our emotions can have a direct impact on our bodies. In our upcoming Live Stream session, we will explore the topic of mind & body connection in more detail and try to find several ways on how to release tension and reduce stress.

Book a spot in your calendar for next Thursday (18.11) at 3 PM CET & 9 AM EST. This time our invited speaker and co-host is Paola Cruz (@oneyoga.bypaola).

Paola is an experienced yoga and meditation instructor.

Join us on our Instagram (@vos.health) and learn about simple but useful practices for our day-to-day life.

Perfect timing? 3 PM CET or 9 AM EST.

Ready to get some comfy clothes? Let's educate ourselves about our mind & body connection and try to relieve stress together.

See you soon!

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