VOS: Introducing Your Mood Trends

Introducing Your Mood Trends


July 2021

Introducing Your Mood Trends

If you had to reflect on how your last month was, it's very unlikely that you will remember day by day what your mood was like. Instead, your answer will reflect on how you are feeling now.

If you're feeling good, you're going to look at the month as a whole pretty well. At the same time, if you are experiencing sadness or anger, it will make you focus on the negative emotions, which will be very misleading in terms of your entire month.

This is common and very human.

Mood swings and irritability prevent us from making irrational decisions, building business and personal relationships, working productively, and simply enjoying life. This is where mood trackers come in.

Mood trackers are a handy and useful tool for keeping track of your emotional background, psychological state, and productivity. In today's fast-paced world, taking care of your emotional state is not a whim, but a necessity. With this update, we are happy to introduce you to Mood Trends.

Meet VOS Mood Trends

→ Collects information about your emotional and psychological wellbeing, analyzes it, and presents the results in clear graphs

→ Analyzes the relationship between physical activities, habits, and stress levels.

→ Allows you to better understand your triggers

→ Charting your mood allows you to see patterns in your life.

→ Teaches you about what improves your mood and what brings you down

Thanks to the mood tracker, you can detect hypersensitivity if you find yourself upset by things that are insignificant from the point of view of others. Find out that even strong stressful situations are unable to irritate you. Knowing your triggers can help you figure out when you need to monitor your reactions more closely and be more aware of what is happening.

In the upcoming updates, we will surprise you with Smart recommendations on how to improve your mood.

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