VOS: We've raised 800,000 EUR to continue making people feel better

We've raised 800,000 EUR to continue making people feel better


June 2021

We've raised 800,000 EUR to continue making people feel better

VOS.health, a digital mental health care platform that uses the latest technology to keep you well, has raised another investment of 800,000 EUR. In the seed round of investments, VOS.health was again supported by Miton and now by Reflex Capital. 23-year-old entrepreneurs Jiri Diblik and Ondrej Kopecky will use the funds mainly for platform development, marketing, recruiting new talent, and international expansion. The app already has over 100,000 users worldwide, largely from Australia, the US and the UK. VOS.health’s aim is for one million users by the end of the year; focusing on already proven markets, VOS wants to achieve the largest possible growth, in the shortest amount of time.

"Over the past few years, there has been a steady global increase in the number of people living with mental distress or struggling with some form of mental illness, and the current situation surrounding COVID-19 has exaggerated this even more,” says Jiří Diblík, Co-Founder and CEO of VOS.health - the first under-18 year old to be granted a license to trade in the Czech Republic.

“Data from the National Institute of Mental Health and other global figures show that almost one in three adults are struggling from mental health problems - and we have seen in the technological community the desire to work in better conjunction with their users’ mental health. I am sure that the combination of the latest technologies and leading experts in the field of psychology can help on a global scale,”.

The current investment round is the second in quick succession. In the first round, the VOS.health platform received an investment of EUR 200,000 from Miton. Now, Reflex Capital has joined Miton, together investing fresh capital of EUR 800,000 in VOS.health. The total amount has reached EUR 1 million.

Digital technology in conjunction with experts

The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, and is being developed with the cooperation of mental health experts from Oxford and Palacký University in Olomouc. Combining state-of-the-art technology with evidence-based intervention methods from the field of psychology, VOS is now available for both iOS and Android. Currently, VOS employs a team of ten people.

Ondřej Kopecký, CFO of VOS, says: “We are constantly working on additional features and updates. VOS artificial intelligence connects and evaluates a multitude of data that affects the human psyche and mood; these include sleep, exercise, weather, time spent on the phone, or at work. Based on this data, we can offer personalized recommendations to the user. Of course, it also includes a digital diary, breathing exercises, affirmations, and connections to therapists. ” Together with Jiří, both have been innovating and creating for around twelve years.

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