VOS: Keep Stress & Anxiety Checked with VOS

Keep Stress & Anxiety Checked with VOS

Emotional wellbeing

May 2023

Keep Stress & Anxiety Checked with VOS

It’s OK to feel stressed before a challenging exam or getting a bit anxious about how your important date turns out. However, there is only a certain level these responses are still healthy for you. If they overreach it, they can become harmful.

Stress is a biological response to challenging or threatening situations that hypes up your system to get to safety. Feeling stressed all the time, even from unimportant things can harm the body and mind, though. Anxiety, on the other hand, is a mental process often fixed on future outcomes. You might know it as a feeling of worry or dread about something that’s about to come. More often than not, those threats are far from being real.

Being filled with stress and anxiety often tips off the scale of our mental balance. Constant worrying and angst might fill too much of your mental space, not leaving enough room for the enjoyable parts of life. Your mental health companion VOS will help you handle those feelings or even flush them out of your system at least for a while. What’s there for you in the VOS toolbox?

Exhale stress, inhale peace

Breathing exercises

We often overlook breathing because it's so automatic. But it's like a hidden superpower that can help you navigate through bouts of anxiety. When we feel stressed, our breathing can become shallow and quick. But turning that around – taking slow, deep breaths into your belly – is like hitting the chill-out button for your body and mind. You can find loads of calming activities in our Wellbeing Hub, right under 'Breathing'. Just follow the sound, breathe in, breathe out, and watch as your worries melt away.

Calm down your mind


Anxiety and stress often fixate us on future uncertainties. The thing is, we can't really predict or change what's coming. That's where meditation comes in handy – it's a time-tested tool for truly savoring the present. Not only that, it can also help you find gratitude in even the smallest joys of life. Embracing the present can be your flashlight, lighting your path when shadowy thoughts appear. VOS has a whole host of meditations ready to guide you towards tranquility. Choose one that resonates with you, find a spot of quiet, and let your mind take a well-deserved breather.

Examine your Wellbeing


Ever have those days when you're feeling a bit off, but can't quite put a finger on why? Stress, anxiety, or just a low day? When you're caught up in the whirlwind of tasks, it's so important to pause and ask, "How am I really doing?" That's where the GAD-7 test in the "Tests" section comes in. It's a handy tool that helps you measure your anxiety levels. Plus, VOS adjusts your well-being plan based on your results, all set to join hands with you in feeling better.

Do a mood-check

Mood Tracker

Feeling stressed or anxious and not sure why? Consider stepping back in time to pinpoint the triggers of these emotions. Delving into what triggers these emotions can help you spot what lights you up or brings you down. With this awareness, you might start to see patterns in your behavior and feel empowered to make positive changes. You can log your mood in the Mood Tracker anytime - just adjust the face to match your feelings, then add what influenced your mood and what emotions you're experiencing. Over time, you'll see a mood-map showing what makes you feel great, and what doesn't. Keep tracking and growing!

Find Immediate Support

First Aid

There might be moments when life feels too heavy, and you're unsure of the next step. Remember, immediate support is just a few taps away. The First Aid in VOS will serve as your personal crisis manager, providing soothing exercises to calm your mind, resources to help you regain control, and direct access to a helpline if you need to talk it out. It's your digital lifeline, ready to guide you back to safety whenever you feel lost in the storm.

Achieve inner peace

VOS Wellbeing Plan

True change comes from within. With your personal wellbeing plan in mind, VOS will be the kind guide on your transformative journey. Each day, you'll find activities selected just for you, like tiny steps on your path to mental balance. As you become more mindful of your habits, you'll start embracing life with a more conscious attitude, helping ease stress and anxiety. Let's bring some extra calm to your everyday life together. Remember, we're cheering you on every step of the way!

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