VOS: Last minute gift ideas for winter holidays

Last minute gift ideas for winter holidays


December 2020

Last minute gift ideas for winter holidays

Christmas and New year's Eve are coming! Everything is shiny and there are lights and decorations everywhere in the city. TVs are playing Christmas movie classics and the only music you can hear are Christmas carols. Malls are full of people trying to get Christmas presents for their loved ones. What about you? Are you still trying to get some gifts? Let us give you some last-minute Christmas gift tips!

Gift coupons

This is a great and original present. You don’t have to run to the mall and spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts. Make coupons for your family, friends, or anyone you would like to give a present to. How to do it?

1. Think about what you can offer and who will receive coupons from you. Is that person a chocolate lover? Then you can make a coupon for homemade chocolate cake! Is the gift for someone who lives with you? Make the ‘I’ll do your laundry’ coupon. Get creative. There are no limits, you can come up with anything. For example, a coupon that will give the owner a right to be called his/her majesty for a whole day.
2. Print or write the coupons. Play with the design of coupons. You can draw it, write it, create a design in a graphic editor and then print it.
3. Give the coupons to your loved ones and when they’ll come to use and use them, just do what you offered.

Would you like to get some inspiration? You can find some cool tips for gift coupons in Deb Kingsbury’s article.


If you look for a personal, beautiful, and meaningful present this is the right choice. It’s quite simple. Just buy a nice notebook and fill it with things you would like to share with your loved one. What can you write in there? For example:
1. Compliments, things you like about the person who will receive the notebook
2. Memories you have with the person
3. Some funny jokes which could make him/her laugh
4. Inspiring quotes
5. Recipes to try
6. Plan for your next adventure together!
7. Photographs

Do you have any other ideas? Don’t hold back!

MasterClass courses

As you can read in Melissa Lee’s article, MasterClass online courses are really useful and motivating. It’s a great way to help your loved ones improve in their hobbies. They can learn to cook with Gordon Ramsey or take singing lessons with Christina Aguilera from home. Sounds interesting? Check out the webpage masterclass.com.

Netflix or HBO Max subscription

Netflix and HBO are really popular nowadays. You can find there many entertaining comedies, scary horror movies, soap operas and sitcoms but also interesting documents and educational shows. Netflix or HBO Max subscription could be a suitable gift for anyone.

I hope you find these tips useful and I wish you all Merry Christmas!

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