VOS: Last minute healthy gift ideas!

Last minute healthy gift ideas!


December 2021

Last minute healthy gift ideas!

Christmas is here! We can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, sing carols, eat sweets and drink eggnog. However with Christmas, there comes another joyful but also stressful tradition, and that is gift-giving. We all want to make our loved ones happy and pleasantly surprised by our gift! Electronics, clothes, books, games…Those are quite frequent items that are found under the Christmas tree. It’s really not easy to find a suitable, original and useful present, especially when we’re running out of time and we need to come up with something quickly! Don’t worry, in this article I would like to inspire you and share with you some tips on last-minute Christmas gift ideas! And this time we’ll focus on healthy presents!

Why should you buy a ‘healthy’ gift?

Last year was hard for everyone. The pandemic situation made us worried again. We heard a lot of sad news, often we were isolated and couldn’t be with those who we love as much as we wanted. The stress and pressure were experienced by many of us more than ever. This year was really challenging for our physical and mental health. And that’s why I believe it is a good idea to give healthy presents!

What is a healthy gift?

So, what exactly do I have in mind when I’m talking about a healthy Christmas gift? A healthy gift is something that supports the physical and/or mental health of our loved ones. This kind of gift is almost always useful. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go to the pharmacy and buy vitamins or some other pills. However, you can create a customized self-care package. Let me show you some concrete options.

Self-care book

Do you have friends who love reading and who could use some tips on how to accept and love themselves? There are some great books about self-care and self-love which could definitely be good presents! Try for example the book ‘The Self-Love Experiment: Fifteen Principles for Becoming More Kind, Compassionate, and Accepting of Yourself’ written by Shannon Kaiser. You can read more about the book here. And in this article you can find more tips on self-care books so you can choose the best for your loved one.

VOS subscription

Did you know you can give the VOS app as a Christmas gift? VOS is a smart tool that will help you with your mental hygiene. With this app, you can give your loved one a possibility to reflect on life, do breathing exercises, get in touch with chat advisors and get advice about mental health issues, and much more! And how to get a VOS subscription as a Christmas gift? Read about it here.

Self-development courses

Time management, self-awareness, effective dealing with stress, dealing with emotions. These are some important and useful skills that could really improve the quality of our life. On educational platforms like coursera.org or udemy.com you can find many useful online courses which focus on self-development. For example, there is this time management course which seems to be really good!

Jar of kind notes

Sometimes we just need to hear or read some kind of words and even one short message can make us feel better. Write some short notes for your loved ones. You can write about some memories you share, you can write some inspirational quotes, supportive notes, things you love about them. Fold these little papers with your notes and put them into a jar. You can decorate the jar as you like and give it to someone. The receiver of this wonderful gift can then anytime pick a note and get a nice message from you.

I hope you found some Christmas inspiration and I believe you’ll come up with amazing presents for the people you love. I wish you all to have a Merry Christmas!

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