VOS: Nurture Your Relationships with VOS

Nurture Your Relationships with VOS


May 2023

Nurture Your Relationships with VOS

Introvert or extravert, we are all social beings. While having some “alone time” might be healthy, prolonged loneliness almost never is. Dealing with people can sometimes be tricky, but that's okay. We all have our unique qualities, and you can definitely find a way to connect with your loved ones without feeling overwhelmed. Besides, as a long-running Harvard study showed, a good social life can actually help you live longer. So, how can you use VOS to get on with your friends, family members, or colleagues?

Boost bonds with journaling

Smart journal

Our mental wellbeing often finds its roots in our close relationships. Yet it's not often we take a moment to reflect on them. They surely deserve it, though. Have you ever thought about how others treat you? Or what kind of buddy or companion you’d love to be? To sharpen your thoughts, it might be a good idea to write them down somewhere. Journaling is a centuries-proven way to do that! You can entrust your relationship ideas to your savvy AI-powered Smart Journal! It will ask you additional questions to keep the train of thought going, getting you to new notions about your close ones.

Find self-love


Step one for loving others is to love yourself. Meditation shows you how to better understand yourself and cultivate self-love. When you're feeling more compassion towards yourself, it radiates to others. Meditation is also a good way of finding your inner peace that gives space to gratitude for things around you. Including coffee with a friend. VOS can guide you on your meditation journey with different exercises. Just find a quiet corner, press play, and step on your meditation journey.

From Hurdles to Connections


Sure, relationships can often feel challenging. But those tough situations can actually be stepping stones to build even stronger and more meaningful bonds with your loved ones. By completing your VOS Challenges, you’ll learn to do something out of the ordinary. Like chatting with a stranger or spreading more smiles. It's going to make you even more empathetic and understanding towards others, empathy and understanding for others.

Inhale peace

Breathing exercises

Caught up in a heated argument with emotions running wild? Just take a breather. Literally. Next time you find yourself in such a whirlwind, remember: a simple breathing exercise could be your game-changer. It's like resetting your body into default “calm mode”. It helps you simmer down and really tune into what you're feeling. Clear headspace makes fostering stress-free relationships so much easier. So next time, you’re about to spiral, open VOS, select a calming exercise, and let the app guide your in- and exhales.

Inspiration for Meaningful Bonds

Quotes & Affirmations

You might start feeling lost in the maze of your personal relationships. Sometimes all you need to find your way out is a little inspiration. Some outside thought that sends you in just the right direction to tighten your connection with others. The quotes and affirmations might give you just the right coordinates to your journey towards healthier relationships. Did some of them hit the right spot? Perfect, save it and return to it later!

Achieve inner peace

VOS Wellbeing Plan

True change comes from within. To connect deeply with others, you first need to connect with yourself. Diving deeper into your emotions, moods, and thoughts helps you understand your needs and behavior better. Thanks to your personal VOS wellbeing plan, you’ll learn to become more aware, patient, and empathetic. Together with you, your relationships will grow as well. Let VOS be your compassionate guide on your self-care journey and assist you as you reinforce relationships with people you care about the most. \n

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