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Raising a Child with ADHD

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October 2021

Raising a Child with ADHD

October is an ADHD awareness month and I think we all have a lot to learn about this topic! ADHD is an abbreviation for Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder. People diagnosed with ADHD are having big trouble focusing on a task and finishing it, it’s hard for them to pay attention or get organized, they often seem not to listen and they need many reminders and directions to help them do their work.

This short description already shows that living with ADHD must be challenging and managing the symptoms requires a lot of hard work and patience. ADHD is very often diagnosed in childhood and parents play an important role in managing this disorder. In this article, I would like to share a few tips for parents who are raising a child with ADHD.

Diagnoses and professional evaluation

It is important to not get impulsive when you’ll notice your child has some symptoms of ADHD. Find a mental health professional and ask him for psychological evaluation. Some of the symptoms may be only temporary or could show a different problem. Psychologists/psychiatrists then also suggest a suitable therapeutic plan and/or medication.

Do your homework

Read everything related to the topic, find information about possible therapeutic approaches and search for therapists/other experts in your location. Choose a suitable option and keep in mind that you will be the key person in the process of managing your child’s ADHD. You will probably spend the most time with your kid therefore you will need to learn how to work with your kid. The approach and its requirements should suit you and should be also beneficial for your child.

Appreciate even the smallest progress

When you’ll notice your child is getting better at something, makes even the slightest progress or just simply does something right, appreciate it. Make sure you will let him know you saw that and that you’re proud of him.

You don’t have to be alone in this

ADHD is very often diagnosed. There are mothers and fathers looking for the best way to deal with ADHD everywhere around the world. You can join Facebook groups where parents of kids with ADHD share their tips and experiences. There are websites for forums where you could discuss various issues connected to ADHD and also find some support and share your successes/troubles. Look for support groups in your location if you want to talk to people with similar worries.

Pay attention to your partner, other children

Having a kid with ADHD could make parents focus only on that kid. If there are other children, remember to pay attention to them as well. Take them on trips, talk to them, ask them how they feel, play with them. Pay attention to your partner and other family members as well.

Take care of yourself

Last but not least- TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Go out with a friend, watch your favorite movie or TV show, go on a date with your partner and do anything you need to feel relaxed and energized. Reward yourself for all the hard work and patience. You can also use VOS to do something for your mental health or find quality relaxation tools and tips.

I wish a lot of strength and patience to everyone who is taking care of a child with ADHD or any other mental health issues. If you at some point feel like you would need to talk to a mental health professional, do not hesitate to seek help. Take care!

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