VOS: The Importance of Having a Role Model

The Importance of Having a Role Model

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December 2021

The Importance of Having a Role Model

Who do you look to for inspiration? The people we choose to be our role models can provide us with guidance, motivation, and the strength to continue on our entrepreneurial journeys.

A role model is someone who you look up to and revere. This can be in business, in life, or in another way that is meaningful to you.

Who inspires you?

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to be introspective on a personal level. You may find it important to routinely reflect on the success of your business, so why not yourself?

Taking the time to get to know yourself - especially when working independently, as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or business owner - is crucial. At Calmer, we actively encourage self-discovery, and it’s at the heart of our Personal Potential Workshops. This includes finding out who inspires you, and how you can put that inspiration to good use.

How to define your role models

If you’re yet to identify your role model(s), we recommend taking this short exercise to see where you get your inspiration from, and how you can put it to good use.

In order to define your role models, you should:

  1. List the people you admire, both inside the business sector you operate and outside of it
  2. Identify their best qualities, and why they inspire you
  3. Review the processes they followed to get where they are today

Give yourself a pocket of time with a pen and paper and follow the above steps to identify your role models, and why they mean so much to you.

For people inside the business, think about co-workers, colleagues, and mentors, as well as leaders of the industry.

For people outside of business, think about your family, friends, teachers, and people you follow on social media.

Read our tips on how to find a good mentor.

How to follow in your role model’s footsteps

It’s important to make the distinction that each of your role models experienced different opportunities, decisions, and paths to success. However, it’s the processes they put in place that can enable you to do similar.

What your role model can teach you

This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to distilling the success of our role models. It took a lot of hard work and dedication for each to get to where they are today - and they probably aren’t done yet!

Depending on who your role models are, you may be able to glean more gems of wisdom from them than just researching their careers.

In order to learn from a role model, try:

  • Following them on social media
  • Reading their biography
  • Contacting them for advice

You may be surprised to receive a response or two from your role models, especially if you begin engaging with them on a more frequent basis.

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