Managing Anxiety With VOS

Mental health,
April, 2022

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems people have to deal with in the modern age. The process of finding suitable tools, which could help manage anxiety, is often seen as long and difficult, with much trial and error - people even end up trying psychotherapy. Luckily, there are many supportive articles with great tips and social services with qualified advisors who offer useful information and crisis intervention. Did you know that VOS can also help you manage anxiety? In this article, we would like to show you how!

Take a GAD-7 questionnaire

As you can read in our app, Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 (GAD-7) is a self-reported questionnaire for screening and assessing the severity of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). GAD-7 has seven strands, which measure different symptoms related to anxiety and worrying. It classifies anxiety levels as minimal, mild, moderate, or severe, and different treatments may be suggested based on this classification. This questionnaire is commonly used in healthcare settings to assess the appropriate intervention or treatment. However, using the questionnaire alone cannot replace more complex clinical assessment by a mental health professional who is qualified to confirm the diagnosis.

Taking the questionnaire could be a good way to track your anxiety and acknowledge how intense and strong the anxiety you are experiencing is.

Answer self-reflective questions

VOS journal gives you a perfect opportunity to think about what bothers you and what steps could you take to make your situation better. If you’re dealing with anxiety, answering the questions in the journal could help you become in touch with yourself, understand yourself better, and notice some positive and negative patterns in your life.

Do a mood check

Mood check helps you find out what and affects your mood. You also see the graph of your mood so you can see it in the bigger picture. For those who are dealing with anxiety, mood checking is a good way to see what could be the initial stimulant of the anxiety and how often you experience mood swings or anxious feelings.

Try breathing exercises

As you can read in previous articles, breathing exercises could be a useful tool for those experiencing anxiety. During anxiety attacks, we tend to take short, shallow breaths which can lead to hyperventilation. With breathing exercises, you can control your breath better and gain control over it; in VOS you can find various breathing exercises, for example, the ‘SOS.’

Chat with our advisors

VOS chat advisors are here for everyone who is not feeling well and who would like to get some mental health guidance - you can chat with them about anxiety problems as well. You can quickly open a chat with them in VOS, tell them what’s bothering you, and get some useful mental health tips and support.

Crisis helplines

Whenever you feel anxious and need to talk to someone and get some support immediately, use the crisis helpline center. VOS will connect you to a working crisis helpline and let you call/chat right away. Keep in mind that it’s okay to ask for the help you need.

Improve your well-being by reading our blog and joining our community

The VOS Blog is filled w ith useful mental health articles and tips for your mental health. There are some about anxiety too! You can also get in touch with other users by joining our Facebook community, where you have a chance to ask questions, join events with mental health professionals, and share your own tips and help others.

There are many ways you could benefit from using VOS when you’re dealing with anxiety. I wish a lot of strength to everyone who is dealing with anxiety. May you all find the most suitable and helpful tools for yourself. Try it out free here.

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