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Black Friday Tips and Tricks

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November 2021

Black Friday Tips and Tricks

People are screaming and attacking each other. Those who underestimate the preparation have a low chance of success. Good strategy, high speed, and perfect knowledge of the field are essential to victory. No, I’m not talking about battlefield and war conflicts, I’m describing Black Friday sales.

Every year millions of people wait for this day and try to fight for desired items. Malls are crowded, people stand in line hours before shops open. Huge sales are happening on e-shops as well. The madness is everywhere around us and it’s easy to get involved and lose control. In this article I would like to give you a few tips on how to survive Black Friday, minimize the stress and not throw away your life savings.

Make a list

This is very important. The best way to avoid spending a lot of money on Black Friday is making a shopping list. Decide what you need to buy, make a list and stick to it. You will probably be tempted and find a lot of things that will look perfect and that could even be useful for you or your loved ones, but try to prioritize, Think about your budget as well. What do you need to buy and what do you want to buy? How much are you willing to spend during Black Friday sales? Can you afford it? These questions should be answered before the madness begins!

Don’t underestimate the power of a crowd

When we’re in crowds we tend to use anonymity and do things we would not do if we’d be alone. Crowds could be dangerous, more extreme. There were many times when people died because others stepped on them. Be aware of that, try to avoid big crowds as much as possible. If you’d be in a crowd try to remember what you know about its power and stay in touch with your feelings, act like you would be standing there alone and anyone could see you.

Prepare escape strategies

What will you do if you won’t get the things you want? Will you compromise? Will you buy something else that will catch your eye? What if the thing you’d want to buy instead will be more expensive? What if you’d see a great offer, two plus one discount etc.? Answer these questions and decide what you would do if one of those situations appeared. Make as many decisions as you can before the Black Friday beggins.

It is completely normal to feel the need to buy anything you like, especially when it’s cheaper than ever. The pressure is enormous and when you see others quickly taking item by item you could feel like you need to do the same!

Once in a while we want to buy something just to enjoy it or to make our loved ones happy. If you buy a bit more than you planned, don't be too harsh on yourself. If you need, try to find where you could spare the money and if it’s not a big burden to you, enjoy the extra item and use it well. I wish you all a nice Black Friday and I hope it’ll be as calm as possible.

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