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Keep Productivity Going with VOS

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May 2023

Keep Productivity Going with VOS

The ever-increasing number of distractions may make it more and more challenging to stay focused on school/work. Together with the urge to catch up with everything that's going on it can really be tough to stay productive. VOS is here to help you with that. \n Maybe you often feel like having to read the latest news, watch the hottest cooking reel, or listen to the newest lifestyle podcast. And your tasks keep on waiting. By trying to catch up with everything – social media news, school, or work – we often forget to focus on what's important or press the pause button. And productivity drops down as a result. VOS is here to show you how to stay sharp and when to take a break. You'll learn to plan your agenda to limit stress and stay efficient with your tasks. Those are the productivity tools to assist you.

Breathe the Focus In

Breathing exercises

Your attention is like a muscle that you can train. Mindful breathing is a great method to get your focus in shape. By concentrating on one single activity, you'll strengthen your mind's ability to pay attention to something you need it to. Plus, breathing lets your mind restore energy for upcoming tasks. If you're not sure how to time your inhales and exhales, let VOS be your breathing coach. In the Wellbeing Hub, go to Breathing and pick any exercise you like and let the air flow in.

Sharpen Your Mind


Meditation is a powerful method in your productivity toolbox. It helps you train the ability to be truly “here and now” and develop razor-sharp attention. Being 100% in the present is a priceless skill that can help you stay "in the zone" and focus on your important tasks. If you'd appreciate assistance on your meditation journey, VOS has you covered. You'll find various meditation recordings that will guide you through the relaxation.

Get Efficient Knowledge


There are a number of handy productivity tools and habits you can include in your everyday life to stay productive. Together with other practical well-being topics, you can read about them in VOS Articles. If you want to max out your workday efficiency, you can check out these pieces:

Get Motivational Snippets

Affirmations & Quotes

Sometimes all you might need is a little shove to get back on the focus track. VOS Affirmations and Quotes are here to keep you inspired and motivated. Those short texts will give you new ideas to think about and might be a welcomed help to get a new perspective on your upcoming tasks. If some of them truly speak to you, save it for later or write it down in your VOS Notepad.

Tune In Focus Mode


Music is a powerful companion of focused work. Eliminating the surrounding sounds to just the one you choose might help your mind concentrate. In Sounds, you'll find a rich library of sounds and music to choose from. Pick the one that feels just right and give productivity a go!

Find Inner Peace

VOS Wellbeing Plan

True change comes from within, and your VOS personalized plan will help you get the inner wheels turning. With a wide array of self-care activities, you will gradually learn to be more aware of your life choices and habits. By being more connected to your body and more mindful of your lifestyle, you might see a natural improvement in your productivity. You'll learn how to maintain focus more easily, rest properly, and distribute your energy during the day. Good luck on your well-being journey!

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