VOS: How to use VOS the best way possible

How to use VOS the best way possible


October 2020

How to use VOS the best way possible

It’s so normal to check our appearance in the mirror because we care about our looks from the outside. But when do we take time to check in with our inner selves? That’s why we created VOS - a technological mirror to show you what’s hidden beneath the surface and to take care of it if needed.

Since the amount of stress and external factors push more and more it’s hard to stay on track with your mental health. We’ve prepared some tips on how VOS can show you a way to know yourself a little bit better.

What can VOS bring to you?

Guided journaling

Guided journaling is a special technique that allows you to fully express yourself but in a guided manner. We offer you the option to answer one significant question every day. As you will be answering the questions again and again over the years, you will have a chance to compare your answers and notice your growth, all in one place! How to journal? Read it in our latest blog post here.

Keep track of your mood

Tracking your mood daily is as important as tracking pulse. By documenting your daily mood with VOS you can get valuable insights on your mental health. If you are feeling down lately too often your analyzed data will serve as a friendly reminder and then you can get the following tips on how you can work around it.

Connect it with your devices

Integrate data from other sources and get valuable insights on your mental health.


Is there anything that brings stress to your life? Want to discuss topics of wellbeing and self-care? We are here for each other. The VOS community unites people who are ready to share and listen. Check out our Facebook community group and Instagram profile here to participate in discussions, share your thoughts, and stay in touch.

Insightful blog posts

We’ve prepared a variety of different blog posts dedicated to mental health and self-improvement. Feel free to check the full list of articles here.

How to VOS?

Build a habit with consistency

Make time for the 5-minute a day simple ritual and it will help you to focus on what’s really important - you. Read more about building habits in one of our blog posts here.

Turn on notifications

In order to keep track of your progress, you need to get reminders

Explore other ways VOS can surprise you

There are plenty of ways how VOS can be beneficial for your apart from using an app. Join our community pages and read up new articles on a blog section. Plus, we encourage you to check out our email mailings for special tips on self-reflection and journaling.

Why VOS?

The world is hectic and it’s really difficult to find the time and focus on what’s really important - you.

This is why we were inspired to create VOS – a technological mirror of your real self. VOS connects the latest innovation in digital product development with your own input to analyze and improve your life.

VOS is a “you” focused app. We created it with the help of mental health professionals.

Thanks for being with us!

Stay tuned, more great features are coming!

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