VOS: Breathing exercises for stress

Breathing exercises for stress


March 2021

Breathing exercises for stress

Breathing is a vital function of our organism - we usually breathe so automatically and so thoughtlessly, so we rarely pay attention to it. However, focusing on our breathing can be really helpful in uncomfortable and tense situations.

This Friday we will be discussing breathing exercises for stress relief with Paola (@oneyogabypaola)! You’ve heard about our speaker guest before, from our Live Stream dedicated to mindfulness and meditation.

When? 12th Mar, Friday, at 8 PM CET/7 PM GMT/2 PM EST

What to expect? We will be diving into some specific techniques of meditative breathing, and of course, have a short session of meditation and mindfulness.

Join our Instagram Live stream via @vos.health account, and let’s get some mindfulness tips to relax and release stress before the weekend comes.

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