VOS: How to Use VOS to Improve Your Eating Habits

How to Use VOS to Improve Your Eating Habits

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May 2023

How to Use VOS to Improve Your Eating Habits

In this short article, you'll learn how to use various VOS tools to stop stressing about food, eat more mindfully and build healthy eating habits that fit your lifestyle.

Good mental health and proper nutrition go hand in hand. When we eat well, both our body and mind feel better. Maybe you –like many others– sometimes have difficulties with following healthy eating habits. You might struggle with stress, emotional eating, or maybe you lack information on how to eat healthily. Your mental health companion VOS is here to help you tackle these challenges. So, what parts of its well-being toolkit can assist you on your healthy eating journey?

Find Nutritious Inspiration

Quotes and Affirmations

Finding a balanced relationship with food is a tricky discipline. Quotes & Affirmations can be your way to get it just right – they will be your dietary food for thought. You'll get short interesting thoughts and ideas on how to nourish your body in a stress-free manner. You'll be encouraged to be kinder to yourself, stay disciplined but also indulge in your favorite meal from time to time. If some of them talk especially deeply to you, you can simply save it and come back to it later.

Reflect on Your Habits

Smart Journal

Putting down food-related thoughts in your Smart Journal can be a way to reflect on your diet, eating habits, your relationship with food, and other inspiring topics. It lets you stop and think about the way you normally eat and drink. Its in-built AI engine asks you additional questions to keep your writing going. Plus, it's a well-known fact that journaling is a great way to find new perspectives.

Breathe Before You Eat

Breathing exercises

Focusing on your breathing before diving into your favorite meal helps you eat more mindfully. You'll be more aware of each bite and your body's signals that tell you if you're still hungry or if you've eaten enough. Mindful breathing is also a great way to stimulate your nervous system and kick off proper digestion. Plus, you can maximize this effect by breathing into your belly. Don't worry, it won't take long, two minutes are just enough. In the Wellbeing Hub, go to Breathing, find any calming exercise you like, and take a premeal breath!

Nurture Inner Peace


Meditation is an amazing way to become more aware of the world around you – and you can also leverage this benefit when it comes to food. As you learn to notice more of the "here and now", you'll enjoy food more when you eat it and learn. You may start preferring natural flavors over processed foods. Meditation also guides you to a non-judgmental approach to the world and yourself. This helps you optimize your eating habits patiently at your own pace. No more food guilt. Play any meditation you find inspiring and let it guide you on your path to inner peace.

Explore the Brain-Stomach Pathway

Mood Tracker

Can't you get through a stressful day without a chocolate bar? Does a salad for lunch make you feel grumpy? Find out by tracking your mood! Emotions and food are deeply connected and you can now explore this link. By putting your mood down in the Mood Tracker, you'll see more clearly what makes you feel good and what doesn't. You can easily observe how big of a role food plays in your everyday state of mind.

Eat Well with VOS

VOS wellbeing plan

True change comes from within, and that's exactly what VOS will teach you with your personalized plan. It won't have you count calories or keep a specific diet. None of that. You will gradually learn to be more aware of your life choices and habits and how to strengthen your wellbeing. By being more connected to your body and more mindful of your lifestyle, you'll naturally shift your eating habits towards health. Good luck on your well-being journey!

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