VOS: Mental Health Exercises Are More Powerful Than They Seem

Mental Health Exercises Are More Powerful Than They Seem

Emotional wellbeing

May 2021

Mental Health Exercises Are More Powerful Than They Seem

When it comes to mental health, the power of a positive attitude cannot be overstated. Various psychologists, psychiatrists, and neuroscientists have all attested to its benefits. A positive attitude can have amazing effects not only on the mind but also on the body. But, unfortunately, most people find it challenging to stay positive.

Mental health Exercises are quick and easy techniques that can help with our mood and general wellbeing. Though some have doubted their potency, faithful practitioners can tell you about their beautiful effects. These exercises can help you keep a grip on a positive mental outlook. In this VOS Health blog post, we show you how.

Breathing exercises

As an activity, breathing is essential to life. When we breathe, we exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, keeping the engine of our metabolic processes running. Other than strict metabolic uses though, breathing, when done right, can have astounding effects on our mental states. Many different breathing exercises exist to calm us, help us let go of negativity, and achieve Zen states.

If you're unsure of where to begin with breathing exercises, check out the VOS health app. This simple program is equipped with features that will show you how best to breathe to achieve the most remarkable effects on your mental wellbeing. Our software is backed by the very best of scientific thought. You will not be disappointed.

Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations are another mental health exercise that can be of great benefit to us. These are simple, positive statements meant to make us feel good about ourselves and create positive self-perception. The idea here is, once we repeat good statements about ourselves, our brains begin to rewire themselves to alter our perception and accept this as our new reality. Unfortunately, for some of us, life has our attention so scattered that it's hard to form the habit.

An easy way you can form the habit of using Daily Affirmations is through the VOS Health app. By signing up for this intelligent software, you can receive daily affirmations throughout the day. Phone notifications can often be a source of anxiety. With the VOS Health app, not all of them need be.

Consistency is key

When it comes to these exercises, some may experience varying degrees of success. This arises when we aren't consistent in practicing them. It's challenging to form habits, and sometimes we barely make an effort. This is why it's best to get all the help we can.

Whether it's through the VOS Health app or a buddy system, it's worth it to try and form the habit of performing mental health exercises. Your life may not change in a day, but it will slowly get better.

If you try these exercises and you lapse, don't beat yourself up too much. Everyone falters now and then, and one missed routine won't erase all your progress. In all things, what matters is that you keep trying. It might be difficult at first, but you'll surely get there.

Mental health awareness

May is mental health awareness month, and we hope you have used this opportunity to take better care of yourself. VOS health is right here to help you on your mental health journey. As we improve upon our services, we hope your own self-development is twice as exceptional. So until next time, take care of yourself.

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