VOS: What’s New in VOS 1.13

What’s New in VOS 1.13


July 2021

What’s New in VOS 1.13

What's New is our new series of blog posts where we tell you all the latest news about VOS, our community, and app updates. Today, it's our pleasure to announce a few new features and fun facts about the app. Ready? Steady? Let's go!

Talking to a VOS Advisor

With this new feature, you can chat to one of our VOS advisors about anything troubling you - from relationship problems to work stress, negative thoughts, emotions you may be experiencing, or dealing with tough life situations.

Our advisors are qualified to provide short-term consulting of around 5 messages. While they cannot provide long-term therapy or treatment, they can help you recognize and name the source of your troubles, and to figure out the next steps in taking care of your mental health.

The feature is available in English and Czech, so feel free to try it out.

Inspiring Quotes

When things get tough and difficult to manage, people can find their piece of motivation and support in quotes. Quotes have the power to motivate, inspire and encourage when you feel unhappy or lack motivation. During these times, read a few quotes, and you will see how your mood and state of mind begin to improve.

With our new feature Inspiring quotes, you can get motivated, and be encouraged to become the best version of yourself.

Social Sharing

Sharing our emotions with our loved ones can generate a sense of community and bond us together. It eases the burden of feeling like the entire world is on our shoulders, when in reality that couldn't be further from the truth. Sharing emotions with someone else has a tremendous impact on our overall well-being.

Share your answers to VOS daily questions with your friends or on social media. You never know who it might help and what kind of conversation it can spark.

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