What's New in VOS? V.1.8

May, 2021

What's New is our new series of blog posts which will help you learn more about VOS, our community, and app updates. Every two weeks, we will share our key release points, news, and fun facts from VOS. Are you excited? So are we!

Custom Avatars

In the latest update, we were happy to introduce the most demanded feature from our users - Custom Avatars! Now, you can customize your image to reflect the way you look! We've also improved the onboarding experience and some minor bug fixing. More personalization features are on the way and even Freemium - our app, for free, just dialled back.

Follow our journey on TikTok

Great news! VOS.health joined TikTok , a platform, where people can share authentic content and talk about real "no-filter" life. On our official TikTok channel, we are going to share different content dedicated to mental health, interviews with professional psychologists and sociologists, and - of course - have some fun 💜


Got a question? Now, our support section is richer, with various articles that could help you sort things out. Explore anything, starting from "How to track your mood" to "What exactly is the Happiness Guarantee program?".

Still didn't get an answer? Our support team are happy to help - have a chat with them right in the app. Go to SettingsSupport, and let us know what's bothering you.

It's important for us to stay on the same page with our users. If you have any questions or suggestions for future improvements, we would appreciate you filling out the form here.

For any technical issues, please contact our support team at support@vos.health. We will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.

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