VOS: VOS.health introduces new possibilities for using AI in mental health care

VOS.health introduces new possibilities for using AI in mental health care


July 2023

VOS.health introduces new possibilities for using AI in mental health care

The Czech application VOS.health, which cares for the mental health of more than 3 million users worldwide, is expanding its portfolio of features. In addition to the newly launched personalized daily recommendations, the app is testing an innovative AI-based coach called ChatMind and an application for WatchOS.

After two and a half years of operation, the application has been embraced by over 3 million users worldwide as a companion for mental well-being. Currently, tens of thousands of users actively utilize it every day, with availability in 9 language versions in 170 countries worldwide. Annual recurring revenues (ARR) generate turnover in the tens of millions of Czech koruna. By the end of the year, VOS plans to continue its growth, particularly in Western Europe and the USA, with the goal of acquiring 3.5 million users. One of VOS's main missions is to demonstrate that new technologies have the potential to act as catalysts for positive change, and their integration with professional input brings new possibilities for improving the quality of life. Therefore, the development of new features primarily focuses on further AI implementations and personalized analysis of mental health data.

Personalized daily recommendations, or "What can I expect from myself today"

The latest addition to the app's personal daily plan, which suggests suitable activities to users based on their goals, preferences, and performance history, is the personalized daily recommendations and the "Get Advice" feature.

Using data from previous days and information from synchronized Apple Health or Google Fit accounts, VOS generates a short text summarizing the current mental state, along with recommendations on how to approach the day.

"For example, if a user entered in the previous day that they feel stressed and rated their mood as below average, and we also know from their app settings that their current goal is stress and anxiety reduction, along with sleep and movement data from Apple Health over the past few weeks," explains Ondřej Kopecký from VOS. "Their daily recommendation might suggest working in shorter intervals, as they may feel tired and have trouble concentrating, or advise them to try going to bed earlier today," he adds. The implementation of this feature complements the section of long-term overviews tracking trends to provide the most current feedback.

Newly, users will find the "Get Advice" feature in the app, where they can pose any question related to their well-being. For questions like feeling lonely often or having trouble falling asleep, they will receive personalized recommendations with effective tips on how to improve the situation.

ChatMind: AI well-being coach in your pocket and an application for Apple Watch

Currently available in beta version, the ChatMind feature of the app offers instant interaction to users, providing advice on how to cope with the described situation. The AI coach does not replace the services of a therapist or psychologist but can offer immediate intervention or short-term relief. "VOS is thus addressing the current global shortage of psychological and psychiatric care, as thanks to new technologies, we can provide acute care within seconds," adds Ondřej Kopecký. "The activity takes place in the form of a chat, where it provides personalized advice tailored to the user, in the form of coping strategies and other resources based on their goals set in the app and health data," explains how the feature can offer support to users. The AI wellbeing coach is available in more than 20 languages.

During the summer months, an application for Apple Watch (Watch OS) will be released to make key features accessible to users at any time.

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