VOS: VOS.health Platform Launches Online Community

VOS.health Platform Launches Online Community


August 2023

VOS.health Platform Launches Online Community

Since last week, users of the Czech app VOS.health can enjoy features that allow them to share their opinions and experiences with the entire community, which is growing around the application worldwide.

Based on extensive feedback from app users, new community features are being implemented. These allow users to share content, opinions, and experiences related to their mental health, whether within the community of more than 3 million VOS users or on other social networks.

The principle of content sharing is simple and mostly anonymous. All users are presented with the same question once a day in the application, which they can answer under their nickname they use in the app. After answering, the user can view the responses of other community members and react to them or even share their answer on other social networks. This way, they can gain not only emotional support from other users and find resonance with them, but be part of millions of voices worldwide contemplating the same profound questions, created by our team of psychologists.

"We added this feature to the app based on requests from our users. They lacked the ability to share their journey towards better mental health and also to see that they are not alone in their problems," explains Jiří Diblík from VOS. "About a week after the launch, we are mainly delighted with the openness of the answers we receive every day. They are full of emotions that users are not afraid to express. To this day, several thousand users worldwide have already used the answers to the questions, and we have recorded more than 100,000 reactions", adds Diblík. In the future, the application plans to continue expanding the community section and thus offer users further opportunities for mutual support and listening to each other.


One of the questions that app users received last week was "What does success mean to you?"

  • 30% of users defined success as feeling content, fulfilled, and comfortable with oneself.
  • 20% see success in achieving both personal and professional goals, such as securing a good job, raising a family, or making the world a better place.
  • 10% find their success in helping and being kind to others, through their work, relationships, or charity.
  • 10% consider good relationships with family or friends as their success.
  • Surprisingly, only a few percent included financial stability in their priorities for success.

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