VOS: What's New in VOS 2.0

What's New in VOS 2.0


December 2021

What's New in VOS 2.0

Long time no see, and yet we are back with our latest edition of What's New in VOS and brand new product update. Our mission is to help you achieve personal goals and provide you with the tool to feel better. With our newest update, we bring you VOS personal plans.

Interested to learn more about it? Let's dive in.

VOS Plan in a nutshell

Good things come from good habits. With our newest feature Personal plans, you can take a couple of minutes for yourself every day, complete a short wellbeing checklist and score some points at the same time.

How does it work?

The plan helps you reinforce your mental health in small, manageable steps. Depending on the personal goals you shared with us at the beginning, we have designed a set of activities to tick off every day.

By completing your daily tasks, you make one step closer to achieving your goals. Each task gives you an extra point, which helps you to level up.

What is the goal?

Walkthrough all levels and get comfortable with self-care techniques that work best for you. Get closer to your better self, one day at a time.

Balance is everything. We're happy that our users are open to getting to know themselves better and paying more attention to their thoughts – that can, however, sometimes trigger more anxiety and worries. Whenever that happens, switch to a calming activity and give yourself a break. The goal is to feel inspired by the positive.

Ready to give it a try? Explore your own personal VOS plan and let us know what you think.

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